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The SMART POS software is a ready to use software for fine dine restaurants, take away and quick service restaurant, bar, clubs and disco. It is preferred by leading brands in F&B. It is accredited by successful owners and managers of profitable restaurants and bars.

Serve more customers and keep them happy too with SMART POS most innovative single order on multiple KOT and BOT print channel functionality. Visually graphical layout of floor plan, your manager can check and update current status of every table and other activities preformed in house. Easily manage weekend rush using powerful Reservation system.

The SMART POS is fast in implementation and easy to learn and smooth in operation. Most of our customers have increased their profit and maximized control over their business in just few weeks.


SMART POS Restaurant & Bar System has following features:

  • Touch Screen based KOT and Billing
  • User defined Menu and Modifier with Today's Special
  • Tag each item with photo for easy identification
  • Add modifiers like "Less Spicy", "No Onion" and "Make it 1 by 2"
  • Reorder, move table and move items
  • Single order can be distributed to multiple kitchen and bar
  • Print Manager that responds if a KOT is not printed
  • Redirect all printing to nearby working printer
  • Secure Void function control
  • Tip accounting and Reservation system
  • Manage stock of premium liquor
  • Graphical Layout of Restaurant floor
  • Analysis reports with Graphs and Pivot
  • Strict control on raw material supply and payment
  • Recipe management with Production
  • Physical Stock taking and Variance reporting
  • Food Costing and Menu Engineering
  • Rate Contract / Price List for monthly supplies
  • Various loyalty scheme & membership transcription
  • Pre-defined customer discount and happy hour pricing
  • Know your guest's favorite food
  • Improved service and Reduced labor costs
  • SMS integration to acknowledge customer's purchase

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