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Ranger FrontDesk is the most popular hotel motel software since 1998. Ranger FrontDesk is complete property management system (PMS) that include all aspects of day to day hotel operations. In the hospitality industry this software is often referred as Hotel Management Software, FrontDesk Software, Check-In Software. Ranger FrontDesk is available in two versions, Ranger FrontDesk Desktop Edition & Ranger FrontDesk Cloud Edition.

Ranger FrontDesk has been through 4 major revisions in last 15 years. Current latest version is Ranger FrontDesk 6.0 series. This software is designed to meet all daily operations of small to mid-size hotels & motels.

Ranger FrontDesk is currently installed in 4600+ locations worldwide in 169 countries. Ranger FrontDesk is also available in 18 international local languages that include English, Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, French, Georgian, German, Greek, Italian, Malay, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai & Vietnamese.

Ranger FrontDesk is flagship product and bigger part of complete Ranger Hospitality Software Suites.

Ranger FrontDesk is offering various Hardware & Software Interfaces solutions. Following are major Hardware Interfaces for Ranger FrontDesk PMS Version 6.0

Driver License & Passport Scanner

It will automatically scan all US, Canada, Mexico & around 45 international driver licenses & state ID cards. This is the most popular hardware among hotel owners as it saves significant amount of time during check-in process and it also maintains a complete photo copy of Driver License / ID. It store the ID image securely for later use with special privilege rights for view/print of full driver license image. This is particularly useful to in case of credit card charge backs investigations as well as law enforcement inquiries. More importantly the use of this device very time saving as it automatically fills all registration information in the check-in form. This machine read all 50 state & international driver licenses and it automatically fill out, Frist Name, Last Name, City, State, Zip code, country, Driver License / State ID no, ID Expiration date etc. This is huge time saving machine as whole process gets completed in less than 2-3 seconds. There are around 1800+ customers who are currently using this device and that simplified their day-to-day operations. We also support passport scanner that can read all computer generated international passport & driver license. Hotels may choose ID or ID + Passport only machine depend upon their requirements.

Signature Pad Interface

This is 2nd most important hardware interface for Ranger FrontDesk Hotel Software. Normally hotels print registration card and ask customers to print on physical documents. Ranger offers digital signature pad interface and that make whole operation paperless. Instead of taking signature on physical paper, you are asking customer to take signature on digital signature pad and store that signature permanently on your record. This helps in two ways, you don’t need to find any documents when it is require and in case of charge back you can eRangerly print old folio / invoice and give that to credit card company, it exactly prints the same folio with signature which you captured at the time of check-in. It also help you against routine city/state/county audit process as you don’t need to manage physical folios but you can present all documents in digital format. Many Ranger hotel customers have pass many successful audits with this green paperless operation.

Credit Card Interface

Ranger offers credit card only storing & processing functions in software. You can take customer credit card and directly swipe on swipe card machine to fill credit card no, expiration date, type of card and name on card automatically into software. This will eliminate manual credit card data punching and all information will automatically transfer in less than second. All credit card data stored in software is PCI PA-DSS compliant format, all users can see only last 4 digit of credit card but with special admin privilege you can access full credit card information. Optionally you may process customer credit card real time with your bank. Normally we provide interface to all major processor include First Data Nashville, TSYS/Vital, Chase Paymentech, RBS, Elavon/Nova, Heartland HPS, Global Payments, First Data Cardnet, 53 Bank etc.

Software can automatically close your credit card batch at the time of night audit and all credit card operations like Authorize, Sale, Force, Void, Credit get real time link with Ranger FrontDesk.

Following are major software interfaces

Booking Engine – Online Reservation for Hotel Website

Ranger offers online hotel reservation software for hotel websites. This booking engine is commission free and you can accept unlimited reservations from hotel website. Booking engine is 2-way connected to Ranger FrontDesk and it automatically sync Inventory / Availability, Rate & Reservation will automatically download to PMS. Booking engine works on standard desktop computers, tablets & also include mobile booking engine at no additional cost.

OTA Interface – 3rd party reservation website interface

Ranger offers direct 2-way connection to all major OTAs like Expedia,,, TravelNow, Priceline, Orbitz, RatesToGo, eBooker, Agoda, Travelocity etc. As this is direct interface to Ranger FrontDesk so there is no middle man require, no channel manager software is required, as well as no GDS representation is required. All reservations are completely commission free from software side. This is huge cost savings for hotel owners. You can manage your rate, inventory & reservation will automatically be downloaded to Ranger FrontDesk. (put logo of those OTA)

GDS Interface – Global Distribution System Connection

Ranger also offers 2-way direct connection to all major GDS including Sabre, Galileo, Pegasus, Amadeus, Travelport, Wordspan etc. When you are connected via Ranger GDS then we don’t charge any PMS interface fee nor will you be paying any interface fee to GDS system. Again a huge cost savings for hotel owners as compared to any provider offering similar solution. Our GDS rates are also lowest in the industry. All interface are 2-way connections. The 2-way connection can be managed directly from Ranger FrontDesk PMS. (put logo of those GDS)

3rd Party CRS Interface

If you already have ongoing contract or if you have specific choice about your 3rd party CRS, Ranger offers direct 2-Way connection to all popular CRS systems like Sabre / SynXis, Genares, InnLink, Megnasun, etc. You will be 2-way connected with 3rd party CRS and Ranger FrontDesk. Manage your inventory, rate directly from Ranger FrontDesk software. Of course, the reservations will download automatically to the software. (put logo of those CRS)

In general Ranger FrontDesk offers complete solution for any size of properties. With the unique Hardware & Software interfaces you can take full advantage of all latest technology available in the industry.

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